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Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass bay is a lovely beach on the eastern shore of Tasmania, deep in the heart of the Freycinet national park. Getting there is a trial. Fly to Sydney or Melbourne, then on to Hobart. Drive about 3 hours north along the coast (a spectacular drive!) and onto the Freycinet penninsula. From here on you will have to walk. Don't forget to pack in water and food as there are no facilities at the beach, and no fresh water. So hike in from the parking ground (the park rangers at the entrance can give you a map, and excellent topo maps are available for sale.) It's about a one hour hike, steep in parts, but take the extra half-hour (up and back) from the mid-point to get to the lookout. The view is spectacular. The picture was taken from there. The significant hassle of getting there means you and a very small number of other people will have the place to yourselves.

Freycinet / Coles Bay

See pictures from Sarah and Jon's Australia trip in August .
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